Port Authority Riders Want Equitable Fare System

Pittsburgers For Public Transit Attend Board Meeting, Present Petition

Robert Mangino
December 07, 2018 - 5:43 pm
people sit in rows of chairs attending a board meeting

Joe DeStio | KDKA Radio

Pittsburgh (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Pittsburgers For Public Transit told CEO Katharine Kelleman at a Port Authority Board meeting today that they want cash and Connect Card fares to be the same, free transfers, and fare capping.  They also presented 2,500 signatures on a petition to the Port Authority board, asking for a more equitable fare system.

Joe DeStio attended the board meeting this morning and joined Robert Mangino on the KDKA Radio Afternoon News.  Joe DeStio told Robert Mangino that many of the riders who showed up at board meeting today are concerned about Port Authority policy they say that makes low income people pay more.

"On the surface, if you buy a Connect Card, the Connect Card that they went to a couple of years ago that you can load up and swipe as you get  on the bus, it's $2.50 per ride," DeStio reported. "Anybody who pays cash pays $2.75. It was designed that way as an incentive to get people to use the Connect Card." 

"The problem for some people, they say, is that it's hard to get a Connect Card because there aren't enough terminals especially in poorer neighborhoods," DeStio told Mangino, "and [riders] are at a disadvantage right away." 

You can hear DeStio's full interview with Mangino on the KDKA Radio Afternoon News Podcast here

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