President Trump Goes Off On Social Media, Again

“I’ve learned to not react to everything that this guy does.”

The Mike Pintek Show
August 01, 2018 - 3:02 pm
Donald Trump

Oliver Contreras/SIPA USA

President Donald Trump took to twitter yet again, posting a string of tweets bashing FBI Agent Peter Strzok, urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stop the Mueller investigation, Russian collusion and much, much more.

Ellis Cannon filling in for Mike Pintek said, “I obviously don’t understand him doing it.  I think it’s wrong headed for him to do it.  I think it conflicts with good judgement for him to do it.  I think it conflicts with his own self-interest to do it.”

“I think it reflects either a level of desperation or a need to rattle the cage that he shouldn’t be doing right now.”

Cannon added, “Trump should simply shut up.”

Why does Trump continue to lash out on twitter? 

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