6 Eco-Friendly Activities You Can Do With Your Kids This Summer

Gabriela Arevalo
June 30, 2020 - 1:41 pm

Families have been spending a lot more time together these past few months, and with school out for the summer, parents are now facing the prospect of several months of full-time entertainer duty without homework and online classes to break up the day.

So how do you make sure your kids have a fun, activity-filled summer without breaking the bank or losing your sanity? Take advantage of the great outdoors!

No, we’re not saying to just tell them to go play outside until the streetlights come on, but by seeking out activities that are eco-friendly and good for the environment, you can take care of the planet and keep your kids entertained at the same time.

Here are our 6 favorite eco-friendly activities you can do with your kids this summer!

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