Map Shows How Stimulus Proposals Would Impact Unemployment Benefits

Eldis Sula
August 02, 2020 - 7:30 pm

    Jobless workers are wondering when another stimulus package will be approved, and how it will affect their weekly unemployment payments.

    While it is still uncertain when a new bill will be passed, a new map lets users compare how different proposals will impact unemployment benefits in their states.

    The interactive map, released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, compares plans put forth by Senate Republicans, House Democrats and the Chamber of Commerce itself.

    Under the HEALS Act, which Senate Republicans released last week, unemployment benefits would be reduced to $200 per week (from the current $600), until states could put in place a system that would the unemployed a 70% income replacement with a $500 cap.

    Under the HEROES Act, which House Democrats shared in May, the current $600-a-week unemployment benefits passed under March’s CARES Act would extend through January.

    The Chamber of Commerce has recommended its own plan that would target an income replacement between 80% and 90% of wages with a $400 cap. (For the purposes of their map, 85% was used.)

    Users who use the Chamber’s map can click on their state to see a topline breakdown of unemployment benefits paid out under each proposal, including state-specific benefits.

    For each of the plans, the map specific Average Weekly Benefits, Average Wage Replacement Rate and Increase vs. State-only Benefit.

    The map also specifies the total unemployment claims in the state.

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