Retired U.S.Army Colonel Explains What Veterans Day Means To Him

Larry Richert and John Shumway
November 12, 2018 - 11:05 am
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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - It is a day to honor those who served in our countries military; Veterans Observance Day.

Retired U.S. Army Colonel and CBS Correspondent, Jeff McCausland, joined KDKA Radio on Monday to give us a perspective on how he views this day.

“You always think back to those guys you served with. I hear it from a lot of them,” McCausland said.

“Of course, very sadly, you think about those guys who didn’t make it. Those guys who didn’t get the chance to have a family, to have a career, to reach their aspirations.”

As he remembers those fallen soldiers, he thinks back to how he was treated when he served in the military.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been spit on by the American people, I’ve had garbage thrown at my by the American people during the Vietnam War,” McCausland added.

The attitude towards the military has changed drastically. Most of the country has a genuine appreciation for the men and women who serve this country.

“Since then, we’ve seen this outpouring of support by the American people. You see more parades, you see more people participating in those parades,” McCausland tells KDKA Radio.

The family members of individuals who are in the armed forced also make sacrifices. They also deserve praise.   

“Back home, there’s a spouse who’s looking after the family. There’s parents who are definitely worried about their youngster and what’s happening to them every single day,” said McCausland.

“Those families serve, in many ways, just like their loved ones.”

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