Rocco Florio Reminds Listeners To Clean The Filter Of Their Furnace Before Turning It On

"It can affect your blower motor malfunction"

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Right around this time every year people begin to shut down the air conditioner and fire up the furnace.

It’s not that simple though.

Rocco Florio, owner of Air Pro Heating and Cooling, joined KDKA Radio on Monday to explain the importance of cleaning the furnace it’s powered up.

“Check your coil on top of your furnace and get your furnace cleaned periodically,” Florio said.

It is not necessarily a bad thing if it is dirty, but if dust is collected, it can act as a restrictor.

“If you have a throw away filter, which is a one-inch filter, change it every two months,” Florio tells KDKA Radio.

“If you have a larger filter, which we call box filters for central air and Honeywell filters - about five inches wide - change them every six months.”

Every time the weather changes, the filter should be changed.

“When your turn your furnace on, change the filter. When you turn your air conditioner on, change the filter.”

If someone chooses to leave a dirty filter in the furnace,

“It can affect your blower motor malfunction, it can cause the heat exchangers to crack, and in air conditioning season, it will stop and freeze up the coil,” Florio added.

He also tells listeners that he has the dirt in his venting system throughout the house cleaned every five years;

“They drill holes in your duct work in the basement and run whips in there that whip all the dirt around and collect it. Then a big vacuum sucks all that dust and dirt out.”

In addition, Rocco talks about how to heat up parts of the house that are always cold.

“You’ve got to open up some ducts that you can use a lot more during the day.”

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