Santonio Holmes On One Of His Biggest Regrets

'I sit at home and I cry and I think about it all the time'

Larry Richert and John Shumway
August 17, 2018 - 11:26 am
Santonio Holmes

Rob Graner

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Super Bowl MVP and Retired Steelers Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes is back in Pittsburgh promoting his 2018 Bowlathon.

On Friday, he joined the KDKA Radio Morning News to share some of his memories as a Steeler and tell listeners about his Strikes Against Sickle Cell Bowl-a-thon coming up in October.

As a child, it was always Holmes’ dream to be a part of the Black and Gold. He saw the Steelers lose to the Cowboys in 1995, and he told himself he did not want to see that happen again. Holmes tells KDKA what went through his mind after the game;

“If I get an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl, I would love to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers so that I can relive that moment and not let these things happen to the Steelers.”

Not only did he make it to a Super Bowl with the Steelers, he was the MVP.

However this game ended in disappointment for Holmes.

“It was tough after the game to not be able to share in the locker room with the teammates and the coaches. Being bombarded by the media and held onto the field for that entire time is one thing that I do regret, not being in the locker room with the guys.” He continued,

“I sit at home and I cry and I think about it all the time. That moment was supposed to be shared with those guys. Being young, I didn’t understand, I didn’t know where I was supposed to be at the time.”

This created a stereotype around Holmes and players felt that he was selfish.

“It affected the relationship between myself and the players and the organization,” Holmes said.  

Since then, he has built a new relationship with the organization and he calls Pittsburgh his “home.”

Last year, Santonio Holmes retired as a Steeler. He celebrated by throwing a bowl-a-thon to raise awareness towards Sickle Cell.

He chose a bowl-a-thon because as a kid, he went to the bowling alley when he wanted to be alone.

Holmes’ son, Santonio “TJ” Holmes III, was born with Sickle Cell and has struggled with it throughout his life.

This gave Holmes the inspiration to start the Third and Long Foundation.

“I wanted to build a foundation around the things that he was suffering from so young individuals like himself didn’t have to go through this and that’s by raising awareness about what type of lifestyle that my son was living and what it’s like to live with Sickle Cell.”

The organization donates money to Sickle Cell research and helps families receive proper treatment and education.

This year’s Third and Long Foundation’s Strikes Against Sickle Cell Bowl-a-thon will be October 8th at the AMF Noble Manor Lanes in Pittsburgh.  

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