Shoplifting Suspect Caught Red-Handed Tells Police 'These Aren't My Pants'

Bridgeville police say the suspect had $100 worth of items along with drugs in 'their' pants

Andrew Limberg
January 09, 2020 - 10:40 am
Blue jeans



PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - When an alleged thief had no other defense after being confronted by police, their response was “These aren’t my pants!”

Bridgeville police say it happened the day after Christmas when officers arrived to a local pharmacy after they received a call that about a possible shoplifter.

Officers discovered almost $100 worth of merchandise stuffed into the suspects pockets and clothing.

The perpetrator told police he planned to pay for the items but when confronted with the fact they didn’t have any way to pay for the items, the person said they were going to call their brother to bring money while they waited in line.

Not believing this for a minute, the “veteran officer” pointed out to the person that “the majority of the items had already been removed from their original packaging prior to being stuffed in their pockets, and another item had the security label compromised prior to being stashed.”

In addition to the stolen items, the suspect also had some unknown pills and a baggie containing a “suspicious white powder in the other pocket and suspected heroin in another pocket.

That is when the suspect told police, “These aren’t my pants!”

When asked by police whose pants they belonged to the suspect replayed it was their cousin’s pants.

Police asked. “What’s your cousin’s name?”

The suspect replied, “I don’t know, the person is not really my cousin, more of a friend that’s like a cousin.”

Police then took the suspect into custody.

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