Snow Likely For Easter Monday

This Is No April Fools Joke People

Robert Suhr
March 31, 2018 - 11:07 am

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Updated 11:00am 4-1-18

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Welcome to April! Or as I like to call it, month five of our winter prison sentence.

Let's go back in time shall the first day of spring, you know, that day you start dusting off the flip flops and looking at those short sleeve shirts. You know those days of long walks in the park and driving with the window down are right around the corner.

*Sound of a record screeching to a halt*

Except that day, 10.9 inches of snow fell on Pittsburgh, a day where you had a better chance of getting a tan while shoveling than laying on a beach towel in the park on a nice spring day.

Well, here we are two weeks later and it's looking like more of the same.

It looks as though Mother Nature will be playing another cruel joke on us on April 1st this year.

Except this time, no one will be laughing this April Fools Day.

Forecasters, including yours truly, are watching a quick moving system that will skate to the south of the area late tonight into Monday morning...

Here's another shot of who has the best chance at seeing snow...again...

Right now, it looks like Pittsburgh stands to receive a general 1-3 inches from this storm, it will come down quick and heavy for a short period, but, since this is happening in the overnight hours of Sunday into Monday, the snow has a better chance of sticking...

Now snow is April is not that uncommon, but it is a rare occurrence. Fun Fact, the last time Pittsburgh recorded at least a trace of snow in April was wayyyyy back in 2010, and that was a mere trace of snow. The region averages 1.5 inches of snow for the month of April, with the most snow happening in 1901 when an insane 13.1 inches of snow fell that month. Looks like we're going to take a shot of blowing out that average with this storm.

Here are some forecasted amounts for our friends to the east...


And if all that wasn't enough good news to start off your week...IT'S THE PIRATES HOME OPENER!...

Oh Wait...that's right

If you're jonesing for a warmup...ummmm....I can't really help you there...

At some point this pattern will break and we'll FINALLY start to see some consistent spring weather, not just the one day teasers we've been getting in spurts about every two weeks.

Pretty sure some Pirates fans could look like this Monday afternoon at PNC Park...but try to be cool. See what I did there?....sorry

Talk to you later, weather or not.