Spray Parks And Pools - Officially Open For Business

Larry Richert and John Shumway
June 11, 2018 - 11:34 am


Eighteen pools and seven spray parks opening up around Pittsburgh Monday. Aquatic Supervisor for the City of Pittsburgh, Shelley Terlecki, joined the KDKA Radio Morning Show to talk about it.

“Our staff is ready to go. We’ve been preparing all week for opening day. Even if you’re not coming to swim it’s a perfect opportunity for you to come and meet the staff, learn about the rules and regulations and some summer safety,” Terlecki said.

With the amount of rain Pittsburgh receives, Shelley talked about what kind of weather it would take to shut down a park.  She said.

“We are still open even if it is raining. It would have to be a pretty hard down pour or some storms to come through to close the facility.”

A person can wait for the rain to stop if he or she gets caught in a shower.

There is also a season pass for individuals who love the water and want to spend a lot of time around it. The tag can be used at any of the 18 locations.

“So the pool tags that they purchase starting in June are good for a year and good at any of our outdoor pools and also at our indoor pools,” Terlecki told KDKA.

The prices vary from $15-$30. A family of four can buy season tags for $60.

Spray parks are for children and have a special perk that pools don’t.

“Typically it’s probably 12 and under is the age range we look at and we get people that come from all over to use the spray parks because they’re free,” Terlecki added.

The pools and parks range from Beechview to the East Hills.

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