Study: Pennsylvania Ranks 4th In High School Procrastination

Shawn Digity
February 27, 2020 - 6:19 pm
Teenagers working on homework

Brendan Hoffman / Stringer


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1020 Newsradio KDKA) - Pennsylvanian high schoolers rank 4th in the nation in procrastination.

Brainly, a site designed to help students with their homework, talked to high school students across the country to get a feel for procrastination habits.

Brainly asked students ages 14-18 about the type of homework they typically procrastinate and how often they do it.

As a nation, 82% of students confessed to procrastinating at some point or in some capacity.

Pennsylavnia ranked fourth on the list for states that procrastinate the most, behind Louisiana at No. 1, California at No. 2, and Idaho at No. 3.

According to Brainly, 11% of Pennsylvanian students in the demographic said that they “always” procrastinate.

The national average for students who “always” procrastinate was 4%.

The reasons for procrastination ranged from confusion on how to do the assignment to not knowing where to start to wanting to do something else instead.

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