Fellow Teachers Donate Their Sick Days For Man Battling Colon Cancer

August 16, 2018 - 4:54 pm

By Meredith Ganzman

A Florida public high school history teacher battling colon cancer is learning a valuable lesson -- that his fellow teachers have his back.

Robert Goodman needed more sick days in order to schedule additional chemotherapy sessions. He took to Facebook to ask for sick day donations to complete his treatment. Palm Beach County teachers, staff, administrators even those who work in lunchroom chipped in to help. In less than a week, they transferred 75 days to Robert. That’s enough to cover him for an entire semester.

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The 23-year teacher is calling the response remarkable -- and although he’s not in school right now, he says the outpouring of support is still teaching others about how to help those inside and outside the classroom.

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