Teamology Founder Explains How Bullying Can Be Prevented

"We are empowering students to stand up for each other"

Larry Richert and John Shumway
October 16, 2018 - 11:14 am
Larry Richert, John Shumway, Linsey Covert

Rob Graner

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020) - WQED-TV has paired with the Teamology social emotional learning program to air anti-bullying advertisements throughout the month of October (National Bullying Prevention Month).

Teamology helps students understand the importance of teamwork and the significance to create a positive school climate.

Founder and CEO of Teamology, Linsey Covert, joined KDKA Radio on Tuesday to talk about bullying and how to put an end to it.

How do you separate joking and bullying?

“We focus on three different things; it has to be done with purpose, there has to be an imbalance of power, and it has to be ongoing,” Covert said.

“We tell students more than three times, the same person is doing something on purpose to you.”

How do you prevent a child from bullying if he or she is mimicking a sibling, but does not realize it?

“Intervention is important, but prevention is the key,” Covert tells KDKA Radio.

“Talk to kids early on and educate students on the importance, and the value of each other. Social skills is really important.”

What is the mission of Teamology?

“We focus on social, emotional, learning, bullying prevention and career education. We have a software that delivers that curriculum and programming directly to schools,” Covert added.

What kind of protocol do you create with TEAMology to help students?

“It takes a more preventative approach in education all students on not only bullying prevention, but promoting social and emotional health, focusing on six foundations to kind of give an overall sense of student responsibility to one another, and creating a school culture and climate where bullying isn’t allowed,” Covert explains.

“By doing that, we are empowering students to stand up for each other, which then ultimately lets kids feel much safer.”

How do you teach your child what bullying is and how to defend themselves?

“Kids need foundational skills. They need to understand what appropriate behavior is, what appropriate relationship skills are, and how they should be responding in certain situations,” said Covert.

“When an adult intervenes, the bullying does dissipate.”

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