Transgender Bodybuilder Talks Discrimination; Need For Inclusion

A federal discrimination complaint says it’s not fair that a transgender sprinter finished first at an indoor track championship

Lynne Hayes-Freeland
June 19, 2019 - 12:49 pm

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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - A federal discrimination complaint filed in Connecticut on behalf of three girls who ran track say it’s not fair that a transgender sprinter finished first at the indoor track champion.

Dillion Drobish, a transgender bodybuilder believes it is an emotional reaction.

“The exclusion of transgender women and girls from athletics, it rests on this assumption that they’re not really women and there’s this fear that testosterone, height, weight differences will give them a competitive advantage and we don’t have any research that really says that’s true,” said Drobish.

Drobish adds she believes it could create other issues.

“If we focus on this single issue what’s to stop us from saying that anybody that’s extremely tall or broad amongst women can have this unfair advantage I think it’s just not realistic to say.”

Drobish, who is prescribed testosterone is not allowed to compete in “natural” body building competitions because of strong anti-drug policies. 

Drobish says there are women with naturally higher levels of testosterone, and asks if “are we going to just start cutting off Cisgender women who have naturally high levels of testosterone?”

Drobish adds that no one talks about the number of transgender athletes that lose athletic events.

“Nobody seems to be focusing on this when trans girls don’t win.”

Some have suggested that the trans community should just have its own events but Drobish says “regardless of biology trans people are who and what they say they are” and there needs to be more inclusion, especially at the high school level.

“You need to be focusing on inclusion and acceptance,” said Drobish. “Trans students are already far more likely to be at risk of violence and self-harm, you really want to exclude them even more? And is winning a high school meet so important to some people that they feel the need to deny other students the opportunities they deserve?”

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