What You Need To Know About The New Legal 'Big' Fireworks

City Fire Chief says with new legal fireworks, comes new rules

Larry Richert and John Shumway
July 03, 2018 - 10:27 am
Fireworks Safety



PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - The Fourth of July is different this year in Pittsburgh. “Big fireworks” are now legal throughout the state.

Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Chief, Darryl Jones, joined KDKA Radio on Tuesday to explain the concerns and regulations of fireworks that explode in the air.  

“You can’t use them within 150 feet of a structure,” Chief Jones said. He continued,

 “If we notice this taking place, you will be advised not to use them. If you continue to use them, you will be cited. It’s a $1000 citation.”

A person needs to be sober and extra careful when using fireworks.

“I’m concerned about the power of these things, people not using them according to directions, and some people celebrating the holiday a little inebriated, and not really paying attention to the details,” Chief Jones told KDKA.

He gave an example of what can go wrong. He said,

 “If someone is having a bad day at the manufacturer or a miscalculation, it might not elevate as high as it should before it explodes.”

This means a firework could land on a roof or object, starting a fire.

Chief Jones also said that some fireworks are prohibited from being sold in tents that are seen on the side of the road;

“There are certain fireworks that you cannot sell in temporary structures like tents; rockets, mines and a couple other things.”

More Fourth of July injuries may be in store this year for the state of Pennsylvania.  

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