Where Did That Giant Mural Of 'The Great One' Come From?

Artist Jeremy Raymer explains how his Roberto Clemente Mural came to be

Larry Richert and John Shumway
June 18, 2018 - 10:40 am
Roberto Clemente

Jeremy Raymer

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - There is a new piece of art in Pittsburgh and it is hard to miss; an enormous mural of Roberto Clemente.

The mural can be seen driving northbound on Interstate 279. It is painted on the side of Verdetto’s Bar & Restaurant on Madison Avenue.

The artist, Jeremy Raymer, joined the KDKA Radio Morning News to talk about how the idea to create the masterpiece was brought about. 

“It’s a unique situation; murals come about all different ways. For me a lot of times I like to incorporate historical elements from Pittsburgh and sports have worked its way into projects on occasion.”

Raymer added, “I actually pitched the idea to Lenny Verdetto the current owner and he was all about it; within a two week period we went from initial pitch to creation.”

The mural is attracting more and more popularity. He finished the project last week and has already received more attention than any of his other pieces.

“This is about my 60th mural I’ve created over the city in the last five years; it’s hands down been the most positive and biggest response of any mural I’ve ever created,” Raymer told KDKA

His other work can be seen all around the Pittsburgh area.

“At this point I’m in like 15 or 16 neighborhoods; you can find me as far out as Freeport, Braddock, Southside, and Lawrenceville,” said Raymer.

He will continue his work around Pittsburgh. He told Larry about his next project.

“I will be hand painting some large scale billboards highlighting Pitt basketball, Pitt football, and Pitt athletics in general.”

Keep an eye out for other art work by Jeremy Raymer around the city.

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