Underwater Mausoleum Allows Final Resting Places To Be Among Sea Life

August 11, 2018 - 1:48 pm

By Meredith Ganzman

If six-feet under isn't deep enough, you can actually be buried in an underwater mausoleum.

The Neptune Memorial Reef, which is modeled after the lost city of Atlantis, has the cremated remains of more than a thousand people.

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This summer the Florida reef expanded to make room for thousands of more shrines in over ten acres that's about 40 feet deep. Officials say burials costs between $1,500 and $8,000.

But the reason some people choose the reef to be their final resting place, they say, is because they will actually be surrounded by so much life. There’s dozens of different fish, shrimp and lobster and other species like sponges and soft and hard corals all throughout the reef.

And visiting loved ones is just a snorkel or scuba dive away.