Would You, As a Parent, Keep Your Kid From Playing a Sport For Health Reasons?

The Mike Pintek Show
March 07, 2018 - 2:54 pm
Football Tackle


After three concussions, an Upper St. Clair father is fighting in court to keep his son from continuing his football career because he worries that these injuries could end up causing permanent brain damage, ruining his future.  

Since he has suffered three concussions already at a pretty young age, research shows that he could be in sever danger if he were to continue playing the sport.  The father and his ex-wife are now battling in court to determine if their son will play or hang up the cleats and pads for good. Read the full story here.

KDKA Radio's Mike Pintek said he agrees with the father.  “In this day and age we know so much more about concussions and what they can lead to, why risk it?  Most high school football players don’t go on the play in the NFL so why do this to yourself?” 

However, Mike did say that if the boy turns 18-years-old next year before the season, he will be an adult and should be able to make his own decision to play or not to play.

Mike took to the phones to see if his listeners agree with the boys mother or father.  

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