WQED's Rick Sebak Severely Injures His Leg Delaying The Next 'Nebby'

'That Kennywood Summer' will hopefully air before Christmas

Andrew Limberg
September 03, 2018 - 3:42 pm

Andrew Limberg


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - On Tuesday, August 28, WQED Producer Rick Sebak was walking down a short flight of steps he has gone up and down millions of times in his life, when he says he missed a step, fell and couldn’t move.

It turns out Sebak ruptured his quadriceps tendon. “That is the tendon that connects your big thigh muscle . . . to your knee,” Sebak said.

So for the next six weeks Sebak will not be able to move his leg at all to give it time to heal. He says he’ll be spending all his time at a skilled nursing facility, because his house isn’t friendly to someone who can’t move their leg.

While a lot of people could be down and out about it, Sebak sounded like his old self while talking to KDKA Radio. 

“I’m very lucky in that I didn’t fall a great distance. I didn’t hit my head. There are no other injuries, it’s just my left leg.”

While Sebak is on the mend that means his fans will have to wait a little longer for his next show in the crowd-funded “Nebby” series. “That Kennywood Summer” was scheduled to premier September 20, “but all of that has been postponed.”

He says he isn’t sure when it will air but he suspects it will be before Christmas.

Sebak also said he appreciates all the love and support he has gotten since word of his fall came out.

“I want to get the show done too, so we’ll see. As soon as we can we’ll get “That Kennywood Summer” finished and I’ll try to get my leg back in shape.”

Listen below for the compete interview with Rick from his hospital bed.

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