Detroit Reporter Attacked While Covering Fatal Crash

August 02, 2018 - 4:29 pm


A man is under arrest after attacking two Detroit news vehicles that were on assignment on Detroit's west side.

WWJ Reporter Mike Campbell was out covering a fatal pedestrian crash at Dexter and Davison around 6 a.m. Thursday when the suspect approached the WWJ News car. As Campbell was in the middle of a live shot, the suspect struck the windshield and driver's side window with a metal baton, shattering both. 

"I had put the windows up because I had started my report and I saw the man, but he seemed to be just walking by in front of the truck. He was saying stuff but I put the windows up because I didn't want our listeners to hear his foul words and then he apparently, just, something angered him, he turned around and attacked the news truck," Campbell said.

The incident was captured live on WWJ.

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