Zoo Celebrates Adorable Baby Animals Born this Year

December 15, 2018 - 4:21 pm

By Avinash Ramsadeen

The conservationists at the UK’s Chester Zoo have a lot to celebrate this holiday season. They welcomed an unprecedented number of baby animals in 2018. While the cubs, calves and babies are certainly cute and fun to look at, many of them come from critically endangered species; making their births vital in the effort for conservation.

Here’s a look at some of these precious little additions.

Precious sun bear cub Kyra is first of her kind to be born in the UK
Chester Zoo

This is Kyra; the first sun bear to be born at the zoo. She is born to parents who were thankfully rescued from poachers in Cambodia.

Baby Stevie is the arrival of the decade… for Chester’s chimpanzees
Chester Zoo

This cute chimp’s name is Stevie. She is a critically endangered Western chimpanzee. The subspecies is one of the rarest in the world. This little rock star is named after Stevie Nicks.

Elephant calf Anjan astonishes scientists after being born three months after expected due date
Chester Zoo

Anjan is an astonishing baby. While elephants are known for their long gestation periods, this little-big guy was born a whopping three months late.

Rare silvery gibbon adds to record baby boom at the zoo
Chester Zoo

This tiny silver gibbon’s name is Tilu. The youngster is a crucial addition as there are only 4,000 remaining on the island of Java, Indonesia.

Greater one-horned rhin222o calf Akeno gives new hope to species
Chester Zoo

This future gentle giant’s name is Akeno. The one-horned rhino is part of a critically endangered species. At one point there were less that 200 in the wild. Thanks to conservation efforts there are around 3,500 in India and Nepal. While it’s an improvement the number is still frighteningly very small.

Secretive okapi calf Semuliki is a star in stripes

This is an Okapi calf named Semuliki. The elusive species has declined in the wild by nearly 50 percent in the last two decades.

Tiny babirusa triplets arrive in zoo ‘first’
Chester Zoo

These three little pigs are from a species called babirusa; the world’s rarest pig. They were once fairly common but they endured catastrophic habitat loss on top of being hunted for their meat.

Black rhino birth a surprise to visitors
Chester Zoo

Last but certainly not least is this Eastern black rhino named Jumaane. He was born during the day right in front of a few lucky zoo visitors. These rhinos typically give birth at night or in the very early morning.

Hope you enjoyed meeting some of the zoo’s most prized possessions. Now click on the video above for another dose of cute.

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