Get Well Naturally
“Get Well Naturally” is a weekly program sponsored by the Winer Wellness Center and hosted by Dr. Joseph Honigman, Dr. Gideon Orbach and Jeffrey Niznik. It’s heard every Saturday at 1pm on Newsradio 1020 KDKA. For years the Winer Wellness Center has been dedicated to bringing affordable natural...
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KDKA Radio On Demand
Listen to the latest episode of “Your Money & You,” a weekly radio program that connects their financial experts with your questions about investments, taxes, current market news and more. Join Jim Meredith and his colleagues every Sunday from 9am until 11am. Hefren-Tillotson provides clients...
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Chris Moore
Every Sunday from 5-9 pm, Chris Moore has the last word. Chris Moore’s unique, informed and intelligent grasp of the issues has made his show a magnet for callers and a lightning rod for controversy.
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KDKA Radio Middays
Here’s an incredible source for tips and suggestions on how to grow a great Western Pennsylvania garden. KDKA Radio’s Organic Gardener explores ways to make digging in the dirt a natural and bountiful experience. The Organic Gardener is Doug Oster, an Emmy Award winning producer, host and garden...
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