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10 Ideas To Show Mom How Much You Care This Mother's Day Without Breaking The Bank

Andrew Limberg
May 11, 2018 - 1:53 pm

Want to treat mom to a special day but don’t have a lot in the bank? We have a few ideas to show mom you care while being able to save enough to make that next car payment on time!

  • Phipps Conservatory

For less than a big bouquet of flowers you and mom can walk around 15 acres of world-class gardens at Phipps Conservatory in Oakland.

  • Go to a local park for a picnic

Nothing shows mom how much you care more than making a lunch yourself and going to a local park for a picnic. Schenley, Frick, Highland and Riverview Parks are just some of the green spaces you can take mom for free! North Park is also offering a Mother’s Day Craft hike where kids get to make a craft for mom at the end of a gentle 2-3 mile trail for a small fee.

  • Take her to go see the Bucs take on Cutch and the Giants

If your mom is like many Pittsburgh mums, she loves the Pirates and misses Andrew McCutchen in black and gold. Get a couple grandstand seats and see the Pirates take on the Giants during Cutch’s only trip to Pittsburgh this season.

  • Free Trip To The Zoo

Once again, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is offering free admission to mothers when they bring one or more of their children!

  • Make Mom Brunch

Instead of going out to an overcrowded restaurant, think about making mom brunch at home. You may not be the best cook in the world but nothing means more to mom than showing you tried.

  • Help mom around the house

Cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and clothes…it never ends for a mother, so offer up your afternoon to mom and be her housekeeper. You may be sore and tired after, but your bank account won’t take a hit and once again mom will see how much you care.

  • Give Mom A Break

A mother loves her kids more than anything but sometimes they just need some “me time”. Offer to take the kids for a few hours so mom can catch up on her favorite show or book. She’ll probably find some work to do instead but at least it will be with peace and quiet.

  • A Walk Through A Pittsburgh Neighborhood

When was the last time you took a stroll through the Strip District or Lawrenceville? Take mom for a walk down Penn Avenue or Butler Street. Spend as much or as little on mom while you visit the various shops and restaurants.

  • Half Off Admission At The Heinz History Center

Moms will get 50 percent of regular admission at the History Center in the Strip District on mother’s day. The history center’s website says moms will also get a “special discount in the Museum Shop” and will have exclusive Mother’s Day themed tours throughout the day.

  • Just Spend Time With Mom

Everyone is busy today and always have somewhere to get to. The next soccer practice, dance recital or school activity. Maybe the best think you can give mom is a few hours of yourself. Put the phone down and give mom a big hug!


Take mom to Primanti Bros. for lunch on Sunday and mom eats for FREE! 

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