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Can The Word 'Yinzer' Be Trademarked?

One Pittsburgh retailer calls it a 'jag' move

Andrew Limberg
December 21, 2018 - 4:29 pm

A company in Ohio that sells merchandise with the word “Yinzer” on it wants to legally own the Pittsburgh slang word.

Homage, based out of Columbus, OH filed for the trademark back in September. The application hasn’t been approved yet but if it is, it could make it difficult for other retails to use the word on their shirts. The company runs a retail store in East Liberty.

For those  not familiar with Pittsburghese, a Yinzer is a person who comes from Pittsburgh and a search on Google says the informal word means “a native or inhabitant of the US city of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania.”

Yinzer is derived from “yinz” which means more than one person. For example: What are yinz doing for dinner later?”

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People like boxing announcer Michael Buffer and socialite Paris Hilton have trademarked phrases in the past but Dan Rugh of Commonwealth Press tells KDKA Radio he thinks it’s a “jag” move.

"It’s a publicity stunt at best. There's already a trademark on record, a trademarked local store, plus so many people in this city have been using YINZER with recorded sales since forever establishing common-law use. It’s just a total jag move for attention and they know it, everyone does." 


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