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Andrew Limberg

Jack Bogut Celebrates 50 Years with KDKA Radio

The former KDKA Radio Morning Show host looks back on his long and successful career.

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) – Fifty years ago today, Jack Bogut began his long and successful career with KDKA Radio.

Bogut tells the KDKA Radio Morning News he still remembers his first day in Studio K at Gateway Center.

“That first day was just a blur,” said Bogut. “I was so overwhelmed and just happy to be here.”

Bogut started working at KDKA Radio during perhaps one of the most hectic times in the history of our country, just weeks after the assignation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Vietnam War was in full swing.

Though he worked in a time of chaos and confusion, Bogut brought forth a sense of calm and relaxation each time he was on the air, with his soothing voice and composed personality.

With 50,000 watts of power behind him, Bogut says he had friends, relatives and fans in California, Montana and Oklahoma City who could hear his show clearly every morning, thus creating an enormous following.

During his time as Morning News host, KDKA Radio dominated the ratings. Bogut says at one point in time, the KDKA Radio morning show was the second most listened to morning program in the nation and that the station as a whole had a 44% share of the listening audience.

With his success came many other job offers where Bogut had the chance to leave Pittsburgh for a bigger market. However, no matter what market wanted him New York, Chicago, Miami or elsewhere, Bogut made it clear that his one and only home was the Steel City.

“My wife and I decided that we just wanted to live here,” said Bogut. “The jobs would’ve been great but the lifestyle and the standard of living was so confusing in some of the bigger markets we just chose to remain here.”

One of the things that made Jack Bogut so popular was his storytelling abilities and you can check it out at