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Steve Blass Hangs Up The Microphone This Weekend

The Pirate For Life joins Larry and John one last time


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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - An era truly comes to an end this weekend at PNC Park. Steve Blass, a man who has been with the Pittsburgh Pirates for 60 years is retiring, well for the most part.

The longtime color analyst announced at the beginning of the season that 2019 would be his last behind the microphone.

From winning the World Series in 1971 to dropping treats down from the press box on Sundays, Blass has been at the forefront of what is fun about baseball.

For years Blass has joined Larry and John on KDKA Radio every Friday during the season to recap the week and look at the week ahead, but this visit was different, this was the last one.

Blass says old friends from his home state of Connecticut have been calling and texting (even though he doesn’t understand the technology), and everyone he has run into has given him something, mainly cigars.

“Even the guys that work security up the press box area gave me some cigars and they sent home a dozen roses for Karen,” said Blass. “I mean it’s just coming from everywhere and it’s been fabulous, I mean, my goodness!”

“A couple from Ellwood City made this huge, huge quilt all kinds of renderings and pictures of playing days and Pirate logos and everything, I mean just a work of love,” said Blass. “And I said what are you going to do with it, and they said, ‘well it’s yours’ and that kind of things has just been an ongoing things for the last 10 days, two weeks.”

Blass’ career will be honored on Saturday night and he know it will be an emotional evening.

The Pirates have also set up a voice mail box for those that want to say thank you for Blass.

That number is 412-325-4660.

When asked what he is going to do with all of his free time, Blass responded “whatever I want to!” But honestly Blass says he is going to spend time catching up with his wife and family and plans to spend the entire month of October golfing.

While Steve Blass night is Saturday he will still be there on Sunday for the entire game of the season.

“I’m not even going to keep a score card, I’m just going to be thanking people and trying to let people in Pittsburgh know how much all this has meant to me and our family, the way we were welcomed here in this city, a lot of years ago when we didn’t know much about it and I’ve never lost track of that.”

One of the things Blass is going to be missed for are his thousands of baseball stories and Greg Brown, the voice of the Pirates, told Larry and John Thursday he’s heard them all.

“I tell Greg Brown and I tell everybody when I speak when they ask me why I’m retiring, I (say) because if I hear another ‘clear the deck, cannonball coming, I’m going to kill myself,” Blass said jokingly.

Blass says Brown is his best friend and a lot of Pittsburgh feels like they’re losing a good friend but Blass has said that he is still going to be around the organization, you just won’t hear him on the microphone anymore.

On a personal note, we’ll miss talking to Steve every week and wish him nothing but the best in his retirement.

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