Andrew Limberg

Last Possible Shrine Circus Coming To Pittsburgh Next Week

Shrine Circus says they don't abuse their animals 'promote the human-animal bond'

Marty Griffin
September 07, 2018 - 12:04 pm

Marty Griffin calls Pittsburgh City Council “the most liberal on earth” says and their decision to outlaw a number of tools used to control or train wild animals is ridiculous and will make it difficult for acts like the Shrine Circus, the biggest fundraiser for the Syria Shriners, to continue.

The Shriners help raise money for the Shriners Hospitals for Children, so kids that can’t afford treatment are able to get it.

“Cousin Grumpy” of the “Pork Chop Review”, will be featured next week during the circus with his singing pig, Oink. He joined Marty in studio to talk about his giant pig and says he and his family has raised pigs for the past 60 years and says his pigs live a better life than most.

“Average lifespan of a pig is eight months old, that’s what you’re eating for breakfast,” said Grumpy. “These guys die of old age and when I say old age, pigs live to be maybe eight or 10 years old. With me they live 12, 14 the oldest one was 17 years old.”

Grumpy says he doesn’t want to get too political but he gets upset when he is told he abuses his animals and that “Pork Chop Review” is all about “good, clean, family entertainment.”

Andrew Limberg

Chairman of the Shrine Circus Paul Levy tells Marty they take pride in all of their animals.

“We promote the human-animal bond,” said Levy. “These animals are the most highly visible animals that you will see anywhere. They’re photographed hundreds of times per day. If there was any kind of abuse and let people get so close and photograph them."

The 69th annual, and possibly last, Shrine Circus runs September 14 through 16 and will feature five shows at PPG Paints Arena. Get your tickets here.

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