Le’Veon Bell

Editorial: Just How Thick Does Your Steak Have To Be?

Senior Vice President and Entercom Pittsburgh Market Manager Michael Young has some thoughts regarding the ongoing contract issues with a certain pro football player.

Michael Young
March 09, 2018 - 2:00 pm

It’s one thing to receive one of the biggest steaks in the restaurant, but it becomes a head-scratcher when that steak isn’t thick enough.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and running back Le’Veon Bell have been in contract discussions over the past several months.

Unable to reach an agreement on a long-term contract, the Steelers placed their franchise player tag on Bell, which comes with a salary of nearly $14.5 million dollars for next season.

Bell seemed rather unhappy with that offer, and has been publicly talking about missing training camp again, refusing to play, retiring, or waiting to maybe sign the deal later.

The Steelers could go in other directions, including signing a free agent running back or selecting one in the draft. 

The team is strong enough to legitimately compete again this year for an AFC title and trip to the super bowl, and the driving factor is the talent and depth of the entire team.

Sometimes the best move might be removing the person who seems unsatisfied with having the one of the biggest steaks in the room for good of the other diners.

Just how thick does your steak have to be?