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Calls For Stricter Gun Laws Wont Prevent Mass Shootings

President of the Crime Prevention Research Center Says Prevented Mass Shooting Are Not Reported By Media

The Mike Pintek Show
March 27, 2018 - 1:17 pm

John Lott, economist, author, and President of the Crime Prevention Research Center tells KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek the debate over guns isn’t between ending violence or gun rights and that both sides want the violence to end.

Lott says the media portrays it as those that want to prevent violence versus those that support gun rights. “I don’t think of myself as gun rights, it’s not how I got involved in this research when I started doing it. I had no interest in guns. The issue was how best to go and save lives and I was surprised as anybody else.”

Lott says they have “dozens of cases in recent years where mass public shootings have been stopped by civilians,” on their website and those stories rarely get national attention.

“There are some cases where it’s on film and I thought for sure it would get media coverage,” said Lott. “You have actual footage of a hero saving multiple people’s lives and yet when I’ve taken it to news editors to show it to them the comment I get back is, ‘well it would just be political for us to go and do that’ but it has a real impact on people’s perceptions,” Lott said of the media’s coverage If they only hear about bad things that happen and they never hear about the benefits . . . I don’t blame a lot of people for having the views that they do.”

Pintek claims it is because stories of people stopping a mass shooting with a gun don’t “fit the narrative that has been propounded by the news media generally in conjunction with the liberal point of view.”

Universal background checks is something that has been proposed by many calling for tighter gun laws but Lott says that it wouldn’t do much to prevent a mass shooting.

“Thing is there’s not one mass public shooting this century that would’ve been stopped if such a law had been in effect . . . and yet it’s the number one thinks [those calling for gun law restrictions] go to all the time,” said Lott

So what does Lott propose the solution to preventing mass shootings?

“Virtually all these attacks keep on taking place in what are called gun-free zones, places where civilians aren’t allowed to go and protect themselves. These killers may be crazy in some sense, but they’re not stupid.”

Lott’s latest book is “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies”.

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