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Ellis Cannon: “Let’s Have an Honest, Frank, Probably Uncomfortable, Maybe Awkward Conversation about Race”

The Mike Pintek Show
June 28, 2018 - 2:31 pm

Ellis Cannon is filling in for Mike Pintek today and he wanted to have a constructive not destructive conversation about race and the differences we see in each other.

He asked his listeners to share what they feel to be the most misunderstood things they see about themselves, the most frustrating, and the biggest fear they have.

One listener, Ross said, “My children are in their 30’s and they are mixed raced, but race was never an issue for us.  Are thing was dealing with folks who have a problem with us because of what they would see.  I will address the unnecessary ignorance if it is verbal otherwise just live and let live.  You can’t know someone if you just perceive.  Talk to them and listen to them, you can learn so much from listening.  At the end of the day it’s a human thing, and we are all human beings.”

Another listener said, “If I was going to teach this, I would say the big umbrella concept with everything underneath it would be communication.  Whether it is verbal or nonverbal there are so many layers to communication and no one seems to know how to communicate anymore regardless of their race.  We need to go back to the old ways to solve these problems.”

Ellis Cannon said we have a responsibility and we need to try and fix these problems from continuing.

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