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KDKA Radio Listener’s Remember D-Day

The Mike Pintek Show
June 06, 2018 - 2:57 pm

Today marks the 74th anniversary of D-Day and KDKA Radio listener’s shared their stories with Ellis Cannon on The Mike Pintek Show.

One listener said, “My father was one of the first black soldiers to land on Normandy on D-Day.  The African American contribution to the war has been overlooked and downplayed as well as the service and sacrifices they made in a segregated army.”

Another listener said, “My father landed on Normandy Beach six hours after it started and I applaud all those World War II veterans and I stand up and salute all of you.  My dad is deceased now and it is extremely tough what a soldiers goes through and people need to respect this nation of ours and what our forefathers did for us as well as what the current soldiers continue to do for us.”

Another listener said, “My father-in-law fought in World War II and that generation is the greatest generation in my opinion.  The values of that generation were humility, generosity, and caring for one another as human beings not just Americans.”

Today we recognize the greatest generation.

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