Woman waiting at airport

Mike Pintek Rants About Travel Annoyances

The Mike Pintek Show
May 15, 2018 - 3:14 pm

Mike Pintek is quite the traveler and this past week he took a trip to the beautiful, Las Vegas.

And while Vegas may have been beautiful and fun, getting there was not so great. 

According to Mike there are so many annoying things people do while traveling, whether it be the bags they are carrying or the support animal they bring on the flight.

Mike told his listeners, “I see this every time I fly and it involves people carrying these gigantic backpacks.  So they have these bags on their backs and I don’t even know where they store them, they are huge.  I don’t know how they put them in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of them.”

“The problem with the backpacks is that these people have them on their backs and they are turning all over the place and they bang into you, I nearly got hit in the face twice on one flight.”

Mike also complained about the people in the airport who stretch out on the floor and they fall asleep and block access to the seating areas for your gate.  Mike said, “I saw this one huge guy fast asleep just completely blocking a couple aisles, it is just ridiculous.”

What annoys you while traveling?