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Mia Chiatto

Is Starbucks In the Wrong?

The Mike Pintek Show
April 17, 2018 - 1:58 pm

A Starbucks location in Philadelphia is under fire after having two black men arrested for trying to use the store’s restroom without buying something first. 

A similar situation happened at a Starbucks in Los Angles.  A black man went into the store to use the restroom and was denied access because he was not a paying customer.  Moments later a white man came into the store, used the restroom without any problem and was not a paying customer either.

These situations are leaving many people wondering if Starbucks is anti-black. 

Today on The Mike Pintek Show, Mike said, “Black folks are told you cannot use the restroom, and you cannot sit around waiting for anyone unless you buy something.  White folks are apparently treated differently.  Do you think that’s true?”

Mike also said, “Don’t stores and businesses have the right to say to anybody, hey you know what you can’t just sit here unless you buy something.  You know this is not your office away from home.”

Is Starbucks in the wrong or are they entitled as a business to deny a customer access to something like the restroom if they don’t purchase something first?

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