Wendy Bell: Local Mom Invents Tool To Help Parents Of Kids With Autism

Wendy Bell
February 22, 2019 - 1:16 pm

Hey everyone!! 

If you've not yet tuned in to Marty Griffin and me on our new radio show here on KDKA 1020AM (every weekday from 2-6PM), you don't know about the Good News segment we run every evening at 5:30. Marty and I are very different people, but the thing we share is a passion for helping people and spreading stories that uplift our neighbors and make all of us stop for a minute to see the joy that surrounds us. Tonight's Good News is something I really dig.

Local mom Rose Morris has three children. One is on the autism spectrum. If you or someone you know is touched by autism, you know the host of challenges that can arise... including wandering. So Rose got to work. She spent endless hours and countless dollars developing a tool that can keep children safe at night and give their parents some priceless peace of mind.

But Rose wasn't finished. She wanted to do more. And she has... helping countless families both in our area and far beyond our Three Rivers.


Join Marty and me tonight at 5:35 as we celebrate Rose in our Good News segment... and hear how one woman with one idea did something amazing to benefit so many others.

Tune in to 1020AM or log on to the Radio.com app if you're out of town. And help us! If you or someone you know is doing something special or selfless for others, let me know! We'd love to share their Good News. Have a great weekend everyone. Peace.

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