Wendy Bell: Local Family Raising Five Kids With Autism Need Help

Wendy Bell
February 20, 2019 - 1:58 pm

In all of my years on television, I’ve never covered a story like this.  It’s about a local family with five children and all five of them are on the Autism spectrum. All five.

The love that goes into raising any child, but a child with some kind of a disability - the time, the commitment, the money, - blows my mind. And here are five.

The way I found this family was their pediatrician who lives in my neighborhood. She reached out and said she had never done this before, but the youngest child was in for a visit she was concerned that the kids weren’t eating enough. That’s how bad their financial situation is. She started a Go Fund Me page to raise a few dollars for them.

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I usually don’t do Go Fund Me things, but I can think of no better reason to get on board and support something than to support this.

Do what you will with this, but if you click the link and look at this little girls face and you have a few dollars that you’re willing to share with this family that is working really hard just to stay afloat, I know that they would be eternally grateful.

Click here to support the Go Fund Me efforts for this family.