Wendy Bell: Rachel's Challenge Has Turned Pain Into Love And Kindness

Rachel Joy Scott was killed in the Columbine HS massacre but her words spread kindness today

Wendy Bell
March 01, 2019 - 5:36 pm

Marty Griffin and I share a love of people who make a difference. We enjoy telling meaningful stories about ordinary folks who do extraordinary things. Oftentimes, those things are tiny. Anonymous. Done when no one is looking. But other times, their acts are gloriously big and bold and insightful. Rachel's Challenge is one of those.

Rachel Joy Scott was 17 when she was gunned down at Columbine High School. She was the first student killed in that 1999 massacre. But it was months after her death that her family made some remarkable discoveries -- five journals in which Rachel had jotted down the most amazing, thoughtful words.

Rachel​'s family turned her insights into a business called Rachel's Challenge. They tour the country and have reached millions of school kids from coast to coast, spreading uplifting words about inclusion, love and kindness. Sixty schools in Pittsburgh have already enjoyed the presentation this school year alone.

If I did anything meaningful for my sons this week, it involved sharing the very touching, moving videos on RachelsChallenge.org. I encourage you to listen to their messages, too, because the simple idea of being kind to others is applicable to each of us.

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