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PRC Recycling Awareness Workshop

Point Breeze

East End Food Co-op
7516 Meade St
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
United States

It’s time to talk “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse!” 


PRC’s Recycling Awareness Workshop shares answers to common questions surrounding recycling in southwestern Pennsylvania such as:

Lids on? Lids off? Rinse? Wash? Labels on? Labels off? Which plastics are acceptable? What about a window? Broken plastic toys? Electronics? Tires? Plastic bags? Polystyrene? Appliances? Textiles? What materials are accepted curbside? What about hard-to-recycle items and household hazardous waste? Unwanted pharmaceuticals? Organic debris?


Course fee includes instruction plus a 32-gallon blue recycling bin.


Cost: $50 per person ($55 per couple) and includes one recycling bin.  Pre-registration is required.