I'm Listening, Pittsburgh

KDKA Radio On-Demand
Friday, September 13th
As a way to help end the stigma of talking about mental health issues, with the hope to ultimately save lives, Entercom Pittsburgh gathered experts in Western Pennsylvania to present:   I’m Listening, Pittsburgh. 

This hour long podcast is hosted by KDKA Radio’s Marty Griffin, with contributions from KDKA Radio’s Larry Richert, John Shumway and Wendy Bell.  Our goal is to explore the different areas of mental health and offer some guidance from those who are in the front lines for people who may be afraid to ask for help.  In addition, you can learn tips on how to address someone you know or love who may be suffering.  I’m Listening, Pittsburgh showcases these expert guests:
Christian Conte, PHD, host of “Emotional Management” on Radio.com and KDKA Radio
Steve Monteleone, founder “It’s About the Warrior” Foundation
Mackenzie DeJesus, MS, Executive Director, Bio-Conquest
Nicole Leth, artist , designer of an Affirmation billboard
Francesca Pileggi, Executive Director, Aevidum
Pat and Jackie Kimmel, volunteers for the Western PA chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.