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October 15: Strikes Against Sickle Cell 2019

Summary: The Jagoffs accept the challenge of taste testing from the annual Burger Bash at the Waterfront this weekend. Food fanatics like Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy and WQED Rick Sebak school us on how to appreciate the burger along with some fall cocktails. Linda from the U.S. Bartenders Guild pours us some bartending insights while Pittsburgh comedians T-Robe and Joey Welsh keep us craving for more laughs.

Music:  FRZY

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Question of the day: Burger Bash is an established event and deserves a celebration, but if you could have one bash what would it be centered around?

1:28: Opening John and Rachael chew on upcoming events and reflect on crazy blog posts.

4:17:  T-Robe:  T-Robe hypes-up his bowling skills against Santonio Holmes and find out what his house parties are like around the pool.

4:17:  Joey Welsh: Joey Welsh reveals what kind of bash he would throw, or smoke up in the name of medicine....

18:14: Linda: Linda from the United States Bartenders’ Guild serves up the best bartending insights as well as the non-profit work they shake up for great causes.

26:34: Chef Duffy: Listen to Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy as he gives us a taste of his current projects including a Food Network show called Opening Night, a podcast web series focusing on bar management, and opening a restaurant in Philly called, Ardmore BBQ where traditional BBQ comes with a duffified kick!

53:36: Rick Sebak: Find out Rick’s take on top-notch burger combinations and cocktail creations from Burger Bash. Plus, find out where you hear more Steel City tales from his web series, Nebby, through WQED.


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