Get Well Naturally

hosted by Dr. Joseph Honigman, Dr. Gideon Orbach and Jeffrey Niznik

“Get Well Naturally” is a weekly program sponsored by the Winer Wellness
Center and hosted by Dr. Joseph Honigman, Dr. Gideon Orbach and Jeffrey
Niznik. It’s heard every Saturday at 1pm on Newsradio 1020 KDKA. For years
the Winer Wellness Center has been dedicated to bringing affordable natural
healthcare to the people of Pittsburgh and the tri-state region. The doctors
at the Winer Wellness Center are dedicated to improving and optimizing
the functioning of the entire person – body, mind, and emotions – through
safe, effective natural methods.
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Benefits of Taking Vitamins

Saturday, December 1st
Dr. Joseph Honigman from the Winer Wellness Center discusses the positives about taking vitamins and the upcoming Winer Wellness week.

Muscles Making the Bones Move

Saturday, November 17th
Dr. Gideon Orbach from the Winer Wellness Center talks about the way the skelton moves and how their needs to be a symmetry of pulling between the skeleton and...

What Is The Blue Zone?

Sunday, November 11th
Healthy Living and eating a plant based diet help places in the blue zone. Take a listen so you can find out where you need to go to find the blue zone. There...

Kinesiology To Find Out What Is Wrong?

Saturday, November 3rd
Jeffrey Niznik uses Applied Kinesiology to find any weakness in the body. Once the weaknesses are known, he will test your muscles to find out the nutrients...