Get Well Naturally

hosted by Dr. Joseph Honigman, Dr. Gideon Orbach and Jeffrey Niznik

“Get Well Naturally” is a weekly program sponsored by the Winer Wellness
Center and hosted by Dr. Joseph Honigman, Dr. Gideon Orbach and Jeffrey
Niznik. It’s heard every Saturday at 1pm on Newsradio 1020 KDKA. For years
the Winer Wellness Center has been dedicated to bringing affordable natural
healthcare to the people of Pittsburgh and the tri-state region. The doctors
at the Winer Wellness Center are dedicated to improving and optimizing
the functioning of the entire person – body, mind, and emotions – through
safe, effective natural methods.
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Dealing With Stress Naturally.

Sunday, September 23rd
Dr Joseph Honigman from the Winer Wellness Center talks about Stress. What are the different types of stress and the different approaches to dealing with...

What Is Asthma And How To Treat It?

Saturday, September 15th
Dr Joseph Honigman Joins Rob in a special 7 AM show to talked about asthma and affects it can have on people and the different ways to treat it.

Making Your Life Healthy

Sunday, August 19th
The Doctor talks about the Winer Wellness End of Summer Sale. He also talks to callers about herbals teas and about swimming in pools.

Living Life Naturally

Sunday, August 12th
Time for Winer Wellness week. They also talk to callers about different issues they are having.