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Hefren-Tillotson’s Your Money & You

Listen to the latest episode of “Your Money & You,” a weekly radio
program that connects their financial experts with your questions about
investments, taxes, current market news and more. Join Jim Meredith and his
colleagues every Sunday from 9am until 11am. Hefren-Tillotson provides
clients with comprehensive, unbiased advice relating to all aspects of their
personal financial situations because they listen.
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Your Money & You 9/15/19

Sunday, September 15th
Jim Meredith & Belynda Slaugenhaupt provide the week in review, Tim Davis talks about the week in relation to the bond market. Jim's "final final" this...
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Your Money & You 9/1/19

Sunday, September 1st
Jayme Meredith & Tyler Vallano provide the week in review. Director of Fixed Income Tim Davis debuts a segment on the bond market. This week's "Ask The...
KDKA Radio On Demand

Your Money & You 8/25/19

Sunday, August 25th
Jim Meredith & Ray Ballantine provide the week in review. This week's "Ask the Advisor" segment is “Too Much in IRA Funds” with Patty John.
KDKA Radio On Demand

Your Money & You 8/18/19

Sunday, August 18th
Jim Meredith provides his week in review with Patricia John debuting as co-host. His "final final" this week features a yard sale by NASA. This week's "Ask the...