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Rich FItzgerald

Monday, July 13th
Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald joins Marty to discuss restaurant restrictions, the investigation of restaurant infractions, and being inside...

Robert Levin

Monday, July 13th
Levin Furniture chairman, Robert Levin, tells Marty that customers are to get 100% of their money back.

Nick Paradise

Friday, July 10th
Kennywood and Sandcastle spokesperson Nick Paradise joins the show to talk about the parks reopening today and the rules and guidelines people must follow when...

Rich Fitzgerald

Thursday, July 9th
Allegheny Co. Executive Rich Fitzgerald joins the show for his daily corona update, and talks about the new guidelines for restaurants and when we'll know...

Glen Hawley

Thursday, July 9th
Glen Hawley of restaurants Napa Prime and Off the Hook joins the show to express his anger and confusion on the new restaurant guidelines. He thought he was...

Pat McDonald

Wednesday, July 8th
Restaurant owner Pat McDonald shares his thoughts on the future of local businesses, specifically restaurants, and the coronavirus.