The Organic Gardeners

Here’s an incredible source for tips and suggestions on how to grow a great
Western Pennsylvania garden. KDKA’s Organic Gardeners explores ways to
make digging in the dirt a natural and bountiful experience. The Organic
Gardeners are Doug Oster, an Emmy Award winning producer, host and garden
writer, and Jessica Walliser, a horticulturist, author and devoted bug lover.
The Organic Gardeners airs live Sundays at 7:00 AM on KDKA.
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Preparing Your Garden For Fall!

Sunday, September 30th
Fall gardening tasks are starting to pile up. On today's show, Doug and Jess talk to callers about feeding rhododendrons, re-blooming amaryllis, and dividing...

Bulb Planting Time Is Here!

Sunday, September 23rd
Doug and Jess share their favorite planting techniques, plus they talk to callers about iris borers, holly bushes, and rose pruning. Plus, Rob from Davey Tree...

Time For Fall Planting.

Sunday, September 9th
Doug and Jess talk about fall planting tips for trees,shrubs, perennials, and vegetables. Jess also tells us how to raise monarch butterflies at home. Listen...

Taking Care Of Your Gardens And Trees

Monday, August 27th
Doug and Jess talk to callers about what is happening in their gardens and what they need to do this time of year. They are also joined by the People from...