The Pittsburgh Oddcast

The Pittsburgh Oddcast

The Pittsburgh Oddcast is dedicated to exploring all of the odd, mysterious &
forgotten history of Pittsburgh lost to time. With intriguing & curious
discoveries into Pittsburgh lore, this show is bound to entertain.

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The Pittsburgh Oddcast

George Washington - He Stayed Here!

Thursday, June 6th
PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - "As I got down before the canoe, I spent some time viewing the rivers, and the land in the fork, which I think extremely...
The Pittsburgh Oddcast

Pittsburgh's Worst Floods Of All Time

Thursday, May 30th
Many Pittsburghers may know of our City’s worst flood – the Great St. Patrick’s Flood of 1936, but one much more devastating seems to have washed away from...
The Pittsburgh Oddcast

What's In A Name - The Sequel!

Wednesday, May 22nd
What’s in a Name – Part Deux What do you know about the origin of the naming of various things around Pittsburgh? Who was McKee & where are his ‘rocks’?...